Aftermaths Of Procrastination

We are all victims of procrastination at one time or other in our lives. Because of this guilt an important project is put of the back of burner either for lack of time or lack of information or lack of motivation. This tendency is very serious and fat reaching in consequences. If one examines these consequences he will be no more a procrastinator.

For others more effort and professional counseling are needed to bring them back to the track and bid adieu to procrastination once and for all. Let us see the consequences of procrastination which is a dangerous and difficult phenomenon.

Rise On Health Problems

Procrastination on important and major tasks results in more colds, digestive disorders, insomnia, tension heal aches and others. According to studies this is because of living in a state of constant state of heightened stress.

Your immune system is compromised leading to a variety of health problems. It is living in a permanent state of running from fire to fire. The state of stress and anxiety becomes perpetual. The body first feels the effects of real and visible stress.

Discontentment In The Job Done

Even after executing the job within the deadline you have a rampant feeling that you haven’t done your best with in the limited amount of time. This does not satisfy you at all and you will not be proud of what you have done. Your hard work and the sigh of relief is bereft of satisfaction and self confidence.

But in many cases the job is not finished at all resulting in a bad grade at school or a negative report from your boss. Achievement and advancement are made of sterner stuff not the above.

The fall out of procrastination is great and far reaching. You are inflicting the terrible consequences on yourself by doing things in the last minute. Don’t put off things here after. Have control over your procrastination.

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