Alarm Clock Procrastination – When The Time Ticks Away

If you are a victim of alarm clock procrastination, you can effectively solve the problem by setting the clock ahead by fifteen minutes. This will help you in getting up on time though it is late by clock.

Alarm clock procrastination is mostly suffered by those with an atrocious sense of time or those obsessed with the eleventh hour details, delaying results.

Try The Japanese Chindogu

A person, caring for time, may also be one with alarm clock procrastination. He is unreliable, unpunctual and should set a different time table to take these delays in to account.

The danger with these people is that they create some bad things by being unpunctual and may use some trickery to prevent it. They should therefore advance the time on their clocks and watches. In spite of this, they soon fall in to the trap and old familiar ways.

A few of the causes for alarm clock procrastination are fear, uncertainty and doubt. So there is a necessity for some kind of clock that can goad the person to keep his appointment.

One such clock is the Japanese Chindogu clock made out of almost useless objects. It has a buffer which measures in milliseconds. After each second it is modified by a fixed amount of time either by adding or subtracting.

So according to this clock the time displayed is an addition of the buffer time. The person affected by alarm clock procrastination will never know the exact time as on an average it will be seven minutes fast.

Hence he/she will be compelled to act according to the time shown. In this way you can overcome your alarm clock procrastination.

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