Easy Ways To Vanquish Procrastination

Almost every one is familiar with procrastination and it is harmless unless it is in excess and gets out of hand. There are people, however, who continue to procrastinate endlessly creating trouble to others by their behavior. If you are a victim of procrastination, it is high time that you know how to over come this condition.

Prepare A ‘To Do’ List To Avoid Procrastination

It is easier to know how to avoid procrastination than to put it into practice. Procrastination becomes a second nature to man and he puts off generally any thing required to be done for a later time without proper or specific reasons still it is profitable to know how to over come this problem and any effort in this direction is sure to be properly rewarded and the disorder overcome.

First and foremost give your tasks a priority level and choose those with highest priority first. Low priority tasks can be done at a later stage.

Another method to over come procrastination would be choose the worst task first and finish it off totally so that you will have enough time to do the remaining tasks later on.

Another means to avoid procrastination is to delegate your work to others and do the worst work yourself and be rid of an excuse to procrastinate.

Prepare a list of things you are required to do during the rest of the day and get them done so that you have no reason to procrastinate as you have get rid of all your “to do” things.

Have a self assessment and introspect why you procrastinate and want to be online, or do some other chores, or identify what you may do instead of completing the tasks on hand within a reasonable time. In case you are aware of the causes for your procrastination, it will be easy for you to avoid such actions. Then you will be in complete control and avoid procrastination.

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