Depression Procrastination – A Mental Block

In procrastination the person gives up doing things that are necessary and important while focusing on unnecessary and important while focusing on unnecessary things which results in delay, frustration and missed deadlines. Depression Procrastination is a state where the mind is frozen and unable to perform any function.

The Cause And The Solution To The Problem

Depression Procrastination is unlike normal procrastination which deals with things like fear of failure or success. In stead, it is about lassitude and feeling totally hopeless and even be very angry with a desire to give up.

While a change of behavior may over come normal procrastination, depression procrastination requires more stringent measures and discipline if it to be controlled.

Depression Procrastination can become permanent by nature and is diametrically opposite of normal procrastination. There is nor permanent reason. This cannot be over come by change of behavior or the thought of the procrastination or plenty of time and effort are required to overcome Depression procrastination though in both the procrastinations there is inaction and delay.

So the services of professionals in medicine and drug therapies are essential to treat and cure depression procrastination. As it is a serious malady that can create havoc, the need is greater to care for it and cure it. The disorder cannot only affect the victim but his friends, fellow workers and family members.

Depression will wreck the health of the victim and his life as it a very serious disease. Depression and procrastination are inextricably interfused and create problems overwhelmingly for the patient.

The silver lining in the dark cloud is that there are ways and means of over coming this problem as more time and perseverance is devoted to the problem of overcoming depression procrastination. The only requirement is a commitment to a change of approach and a plan of execution to be followed.

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