Four Different Approaches That Will Help You Cope With Procrastination

No one has ever achieved personal gain or a job promotion through procrastination. In stead he feels guilty as he misses family and friends due to laboring long hors to make up work.

Missed opportunities bring you resentment, stress and anger as you catch up due to procrastination. There are ways to cure this malady though it may take some time.

Prioritize Your Work

In procrastination you feel that you have to do a job and feel a sense of obligation and resentment but end up in putting things off.

You are in a panic mode to finish the job at the last minute. You can avoid procrastination by thinking that you need not do anything that you don’t want to do. Determine whether a job should be done. If it is so choose to “want” to do it.

Do Not Be Hasty To Complete A Task

Do not be obsessed about finishing a project because it is too large or over whelming. Think about where to begin instead of when it will be done. Procrastination can be avoided by taking one step at a time, breaking things in to short doable tasks. Concentrate on what you can do rather than what you cannot do later.

Avoid Intricacies In Some Cases

If procrastination and holding back are the results, there is no need for perfection. To be perfect in every minute detail you are obsessed over details and the job is inordinately delayed. Focus on the project step by step and finish instead of completing something perfectly. Remember that you are human and that no human is perfect.

Enjoy Your Personal Life Too

Sometimes the job on which you focus may be for a life time and you may feel that you will be deprived of all the fun, schedule fun time first before scheduling in your work. This will be a very tough thing because you do not know the happy medium between work and play.

When you know what your play or free time like shopping or spending the day in a theme park is scheduled on paper, it becomes easier to overcome procrastination and schedule in the work also.

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