Laziness Procrastination – A Common Problem With College Students

Procrastination is a common thing in society and every person, where putting off things to be down has become a general habit. Thus there is no one who is not guilty in society in this aspect at some point or other in his life.

Laziness procrastination is responsible for people giving up their tasks as in college students who give up and drops out of their courses unable to manage laziness procrastination.

Not Of Your Choice?

Distaste and disinterest in the tasks to be performed are some of the many reasons for laziness procrastination. Personal problems suffered by the person makes him put the tasks to be performed on the back burner to devote his attention on the problems that have cropped up. This is anther possible reason for laziness procrastination.

Lack of focus on the task to be performed engenders lazy procrastination as he finds the task difficult to perform. But the major cause for laziness procrastination is the sense of low self esteem caused by your inability and inadequacy to perform and complete the task resulting in putting it off.

Laziness procrastination has adverse effects on the life of the sufferer. Generally he explains away his horrible condition by claiming how lazy he or she is by nature.

Unless there is a concerted effort cupled with sound wisdom it is practically impossible to get out of the clutches of lazy procrastination. A sincere and proper effort will surely be rewarded with wonderful results.

You can free yourself from the tentacles of lazy procrastination by making on appointment book and be un- ambitious in using it.

First learn about using it in day to day life and make realistic and achievable future plans. This is useful in breaking tasks in to smaller and more tangible stages giving them a dead line.

Later you can copy the dead line in to the appointment book. At length, prepare a ‘to do’ list and put it in to your appointment book.

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