Overcoming Procrastinating Is Not A Miracle

Every one tends to put off things to be done immediately to a later date and convenient time. They hope that it will correct itself with the need of intervention.

But a procrastinator with a strong urge for delay may lose his job marriage and even his friends. A conscious effort is enough to stop it but no magic.

You may stumble at the start of a difficult task. Step back and look at the whole project. Set priorities and decide what step you should take first and what next. Take up a single job and focus on it until it is completed. Break the single project in to single units and each completed step will be a victory for you.

Set goals for every stage of the project before you make a beginning and prepare the ways to achieve the goals. For example to paint 100 bricks at 2 per day it requires 50 days to complete. If the deadline is 20 days you have to paint 5 bricks a day.

Self-Appraisal Is Equally Important

After splitting a major project in to smaller units pat yourself on your back. Have another type of reward for every step completed with in the deadline. It is said that the longest walk begins with the first step. Congratulate your self after taking the first step. Know how long a project or a task takes to complete as it may be inordinately delayed due to complexities.

People who imagine that they are the only ones to do some task miserably fail as they do not allow others to have a role. To succeed you have to delegate some aspects of the job to others. While reducing your own stress, you can easily get the job done on time.

Assess your own real abilities to get a job done in spite of additional responsibilities and interruptions. Procrastination cannot be stopped as long as the project is delayed and you are deemed and spoken of as a poor performer.

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