Mental Procrastination Effects The Physical Body

Procrastination is a problem that has afflicted a large section of people and the disease has draws the attention of doctors and scientists who research in to the causes and possible remedies for it. Procrastination along with mental procrastination renders people proper, un- happier and even fatter.

Procrastinators Growing In Numbers - A Serious Concern

Mental health procrastination has to be dealt with immediately on an emergency basis. In 1978 only 5% of American population, were afflicted with procrastination. At present it is five times more and may touch 25% shortly.

Mental health procrastination has become quite serious and it is more difficult to cure a mental health procrastinator than preventing an alcoholic from drinking. The effect is so debilitating that people, continue to procrastinate for hours together instead of doing at least work for five minutes.

Mental health procrastination is linked to anxiety, panic and financial problems like non filing of income tax returns in time. Of the 25% of Americans afflicted with mental health procrastination a little more than half arte men and the rest women. Of the males, the youth are more affected than the elderly.

The contributory factors for mental health procrastination are temptation, expediency, and a conviction that the job cannot be done. Temptation through technology has become the worst factor. Mental health procrastination has been there since time immemorial and references are found in ancient literature as well.

An inherent fear that the job may be wrongly done is also a reason for mental health procrastination. It should be studied properly and extensively as procrastination will stop if the reasons or causes for it are found.

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