Procrastination –An Unwelcoming Habit Of Postponing Tasks

It is very easy to put things off at work or home rather than stopping procrastination. Fully knowing that they delay things inordinately many do not know how to avoid procrastination and do things on time.

It is just enough for them to get motivated to start the task. An over whelming feeling and an uncertainty to know where to start, cause procrastination in them.

By admitting the problem of procrastination you learn how to stop it. It is a behavioral problem caused by a feeling of low esteem irrespective of how well the project is completed and an anticipation of criticism from others.

The anxiety to avoid the criticism by others leads to putting off the project or the task. This tendency to avoid can be seen in their personal or professional life wherever they expect least appreciation.

As in many cases of behavioral problems, one of the best means of avoiding procrastination is to decide why starting a project is not easy.

Tools and other infrastructure readily at hand, attention and focus are diverted away from the job. On the other hand the person turns to jobs like cleaning out a drawer in the desk or wiping it out to have a clean starting place.

Get Ready, Get Started

With reasons to procrastinate in writing, you can easily review them and delete the unjustified ones. On reviewing each reason you find there is no reason to put off the task. This is the stepping stone for learning how to over come procrastination.

The person can put off the job for one last time by shifting the focus on writing out the list in the place of starting the job. They may even dupe people by saying that they are stating the job while there is nothing for them to get ready. To stop procrastinating getting ready is, no doubt, important but getting started is much more important.

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