Our Procrastination Can Also Hinder Someone Else’s Task

Procrastination is putting off things and performing important tasks very late has afflicted almost every one at some time or other. Mild procrastination is harmless but at times the effects assume alarming proportions and become so serious that we have to do something special to contain it.

Even psychologists take a special view of procrastination and consider it as a behavior oriented reaction related to anxiety and fear in starting, completing the tasks entrusted to them.

When the performance is deferred through anxieties, others are surely affected. Lot of stress, guilty feelings are created, in the procrastinator, leading to a potential crisis in his life.

Procrastination - A Cause Of Concern For The Near And Dear

According to situations and types of persons the effects of procrastination vary. Teachers are unduly worried about the procrastinating students. School and classmates will make fun of the procrastinator. No one bothers about the reasons for procrastination when the effects are serious enough to get stronger responses.

When the behavior of the procrastinator becomes erratic and undermines the position of others it is a cause of great concern for him, co workers, family and friends are ashamed of his conduct which is unpleasant as it hurts psychologically or monetarily.

Beyond the acceptable limit the procrastinator may also suffer from mental disabilities causing much concern to others. This will lead to feelings of pity on the procrastinator and make them find a suitable and proper treatment for him.

Sometimes procrastination creates a feeling of intolerance from others if he is addicted to the internet or has some other type of addiction to the computer. It is advisable that such a procrastinator is weaned away from the addiction as soon as possible.

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