Procrastination – A Theoretical Explanation

It is bad to practice procrastination but yet we carry on with it. What exactly is the reason for it? There are a number of theories of procrastination. Stress is the result of procrastination and if there is some underlying issue it exacerbate the problem.

A lot of people take it easy and laugh about the problem but do not try to over come it. This leads to certain general theories of procrastination.

Fear Of Ups And Downs

Fear of failure and fear of success are two theories that torture the procrastinator. The worry of failure paralyses the person with fear and he invariably puts off his task.

Fear of success heightens procrastination as they think they have set high standards already and worry if they can repeat and maintain the same standard.

Emotional Outrage

Anger, as a tool of retaliation can cause problems with procrastination. Tit for tat and blood for blood theories do not solve any problem. Moreover this temperament affects not only the person concerned but the other house hold members dependent on them.

Snowed Under Ignorance

Lack of correct information, and not knowing what to do, are the other two theories of procrastination. Children come in to this category as they know nothing about the problem when it arises.

They tend to pretend as if nothing has happened. They don’t want others to know their problems and how they will face them or solve them. Overwhelmed by the task before them, they will put off until later.

Unwelcoming Disturbances

Besides, the other two theories are boredom and distraction in to which we have fallen occasionally. Disinterestedness does not engender motivation to do some thing you are not interested in.

Telephone ringing or a neighbor at the door are distractions are more appealing than letting voice mail or your spouse pick up the message to manage the task at hand.

Procrastination can be broken only through strong will power and perseverance. If you come under any one of the theories, know that you can break the cycle start today not tomorrow.

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