Procrastination Test - Which Kind Of Procrastinator Are You

While some are occasional sufferers of procrastination, others are chronically afflicted. People who put off things until the last minute do not complete the projects and many are unable to finish with in the deadline. There are a few who want to take a test for procrastination to know the type to which they belong. But they again put off as the test takes 20 to 30 minutes of their time.

One reason for procrastination is selfishness. A few others believe that they work better under pressure. Take a test for procrastination to know what type of procrastinator you are. Once you know your type and the cause of your ailment it is easier to change your behavior and start getting things done early.

The test on procrastination reveals how frustrating your behavior could be to your family, those around you and your boss. As you are always in the rear guard you create a feeling of carelessness in others regarding your work on the project or at home. The hurry burry in the last minute fails to complete the job as perfectly as expected.

What Does The Test Reveal

The test on procrastination may show that you are stubborn, will do things at your convenience or when you are in a good mood and can manage the task.

In other cases the test may reveal that they manipulate others thinking that others cannot do anything until they arrive. This delay, surely, will infuriate others in waiting. You may be in charge of the project but surely not so afterwards.

A procrastinator always has an illusion of being too very busy. In this type, the person puts off things because of other important things he has to do.

You make others believe that you are too busy and others may excuse you for your behavior. However at some point every thing will collapse if you are not able to coordinate the activities and cement the loose ends.

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