Get Your Common Herbal Remedy Concerns Clarified Here

You might have seen people resorting to alternative medicines in the place of modern medicinal treatments and today there are many alternative medicines or therapies such as Natural Healing, Organic Treatment, Herbal Remedies, etc.

Further, you could also see a good number of people shifting to the Herbal Lifestyle, the new age health lifestyle today. However, you may feel skeptical about the popular herbal remedies and might hesitate to join the bandwagon, and this article is meant to throw some meaningful light over the existing herbal trends so as to make you to take well-informed choices.

Differentiate Your Dietary Supplement from Your Drug

According to different agencies like the FDA in US, drugs are defined as chemicals that are capable of treating ill effects of your health, prolong your life’s expectancy, cure your ailments and prevent you from falling ill. The drugs should also be capable of altering any of your body’s chemical composition so as to interfere with the physiology and bring in desired results. For instance, the drug Paracetamol acts on your body and bring down the temperature effectively, the Ascorbic acid is an effective treatment for saving you from Scurvy disease and the Iron supplements are meant for treating anemia.

When it comes to Herbal supplements, they are not classified as drugs by these agencies but they are classified as dietary supplements. Unlike the drugs, these herbal dietary supplements do not have any approved therapeutic claims and the normal contents of such dietary herbal supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations and amino acids that could augment or supplement your dietary requirements. Hence such herbal supplements are not considered effective if taken alone and as the name goes these herbal supplements are to be taken along with your regular food or medicine for deriving expected results.

Originally, all the medicines were prepared out of either animal or plant sources, but today with advancements of science and chemistry, chemists were able to produce life saving drugs from many chemical compositions. Further with the assistance of sophisticated research, what you have today are the most useful medicines derived from synthetic sources for curing almost all your ailments and diseases.

However, there are still few semi-synthetic drugs that combine both natural and synthetic compositions and they are considered to be less effective or probably the effectiveness is not tested thoroughly. When it comes to herbal supplements, these formulations fall under the semi-synthetic category as the preparations are either reduced to gel form or packaged into capsules and due to which the medical fraternity is doubtful of its efficacy or have apprehensions about its detrimental effects.

How does the Herbal Supplements Fair today?

Of late, there are wide spread apprehensions with regard to use of herbal or organic supplements as they have been found to alter or interfere with your health adversely. If then, why all these herbal supplements are allowed to exist or proliferate in market today? The best way to ascertain the safety of any supplement is to look for details of their registration with the authority concerned and in the absence of it you may consider the product as risky. Normally the FDA properly classifies all the products that have been registered with it and such products will be freely available in regular market without your need to go for black markets. Further, you also have an option of filing your complaints in the event of your health getting worsened due to use of any specific herbal supplement.

Is Giving the Herbal Supplements a Try is Worth?

Probably no, because there are no foolproof evidence that people who have taken the herbal supplements have got their health improved dramatically. As long as you do not feel any worthwhile improvement in your health, using an herbal supplement is certainly a risk factor and it is better you think twice before you lay your hands on the herbal supplements.

Rely on Your Doctor

Your doctor is the first and best person who could advice and guide you in all your health related concerns precisely and correctly. Discus your condition with your doctor first. Ascertain from him all the details about the product you propose to take or consume and never fail to ask details about the possible side effects. For instance, the herbal supplements if taken by patients who have got some kind of heart or kidney or liver malfunctioning, then the situation may get worsened and may even prove to be fatal.

There are even instances that one such drug by name Kava, which is used for stress relief, was banned from markets in countries like Canada, Singapore and Germany due to its adverse side effects on the patients’ liver. In a yet another case the American Medical Association has found that the herbal composition by name Ephedra used for losing weight increases one’s heart rate thus making the heart work overtime and take a permanent rest by way of heart attack prematurely.

Stick to Usage Instructions for Safety

It is always a good idea to stick to the usage instructions of any drug, be it modern medicine or herbal preparations. When it comes to herbal preparations, never do the mistake of taking more with a mistaken notion that it will cure you fast and what you may end up with will be just opposite instead. Further the effect of such herbal remedies will differ from person to person and hence you cannot take the effect of a particular herbal drug on your friend’s health as a benchmark for your own use.

In order to market the product, many herbal remedies carry a very big claim on the label of the product and you should first learn to ignore this for your own safety. Further when it comes to herbal supplements, it can never substitute your doctor’s other specific prescriptions for controlling your blood pressure, cholesterol or other infections.

Exercising caution over the herbal supplements is the watchword that could save anxious moments in your life.

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