Is Your Attraction Power Amenable for Garnering at Your Will

“Opposites attract” is a general law, be it for humans or science fields such as electromagnetism, but what makes you to fall for other person or rather what made the other person fall for you? You also know that your world is filled with strangers, but still the law of attraction does its job that allows two people to fall for each other.

The Alchemy of Attraction

All over the world scientists have proved that animals of opposites sexes get attracted due to a chemical called pheromones secreted by both males and females belonging to the particular species of that animal. Incidentally such pheromones are also made use for driving the enemies away as in the case of skunks that releases a chemical with a stench and the same pheromone is also used for communication in the case of one species of ants.

Normally the females of any particular species, be it an animal or insect, release these pheromones mainly for attracting the opposite sex for breeding. However there are also instances where males would secrete such pheromones to attract its potential female partners. When it comes to the attractive power of these pheromones, the answer lies in the diversity of the genes found both in males and females of such species, and the same gene also plays its vital role in proliferating their offspring and for survival.

The strong odor of any such pheromones was also made use in perfume industries for attracting other sex and just for the sake of harvesting the popular pheromone by name musk, many whales and musk deer are killed every year.

Of late, many scientists have even started to look for such pheromones in our human body so as to arrive at a concrete conclusion that could resolve many of out mate selection riddles. When it comes to the various branches of sciences such as genetics, psychology, biology and chemistry, the views put forth by these branches are different and never seem to come close to each other.

However, there are contrasting claims too by scientists who claim that there are no such pheromone concept in humans and even if they do exist, they do not play any role at all in your attraction or selection of your mate. In one of the recent researches that was done by a group of Swiss researchers from the University of Bern led by Klaus Wedekind, a concrete evidence have been arrived at and this makes all the scientists to have a re-look at their opinions about the role of pheromones in humans.

In the research, a set of women in their ovulation period were made to smell men’s cotton shirts and it was found that the women got attracted towards the shirts that belonged to men with a genetic difference. Hence the results of this experiment seems to fall in line with that of the insects’ and other mammals’ selection process of their mates for better offspring. In the same experiment, the scientists or the researchers have also observed the influence of other related matters such as the food the men eat, or the body deodorant the men use or even the women’s ovulation period or the effect of contraceptive pills used by the women.

The Role of Personality in Libido

It is for long believed that your personality would play a very attractive role in your being attractive to the opposite sex, but in one of the detailed researches conducted by Klohnen, E.C., & S. Luo in 2003 for this purpose reveals that a person’s security feeling, personality, interpersonal skills and the person’s anticipation about his/her partner also do play a very strong determining role in mate selection.

When you analyze these research findings, you will understand that you will prefer a particular personality type and though you could understand about a person’s personality only after moving close with that person, initially your perception of a prospective partner paves a way towards that person. Once the expectation matches, your love towards him/her blossom into a fruitful relationship, but once you find the other person not up to your expectations, then you may withdraw and go on with your search for other suitable person.

How Your Relationship is Influenced by Attraction?

You may vouch that for any relationship the attraction should play a prelude game but that doesn’t need to be the solitary consideration for any successful relationship. Though the attraction may start off a relationship, for enduring it you should take into account other values such as sharing attitude, passion, values, dreams, life’s anticipation, etc., so that your relationship continue to be a wonderful one for a long term.

Should you put Your Attractive Power at back seat?

Though your physical attractiveness is good, please bear that it is not the ultimate one. Besides trying to be attractive, you should also try to concentrate on maintaining your health, you mental make-up and your positive disposition. As said earlier, your genes are responsible for selecting your partner, and hence find out whether you will be able to spend your time happily with your selected partner and be able to live a fruitful life that would be beneficial to both of you and your progeny too.

At the first instance try to understand your wisdom on the lines of your values, tastes, beliefs, dreams, etc., and ascertain whether the same could match your proposed partner’s values, and in the event of any of your misjudgment you may end up with a strained relationship for the rest of your life. Your sense of self-security also plays its part of decisive role over and above your attraction and once you understand this fully, you can unleash your power of attraction and seduce your partner.

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