Know How You can Exercise Your Way to a Healthy life

While going to bed yesterday night you might have resolved to start your exercise programme by next morning for sure and without any lame excuses. But did you ever succeed in your starting the long planned exercise programme at least today? Probably your answer would be other than an affirmative, but what makes you to fail repeatedly whenever it comes to your exercise?

Well, this happens to a majority of people and you are not alone in this world. You are also aware that in order to stay healthy you need to stay active, eat right and do exercise regularly. But, when it comes to exercise part, you are conditioned to think that exercise means a strenuous workout that will rob you of your valuable time and energy.

When it comes to the need for exercise, what your body requires is a very moderate exercise programme that can keep your heart rate little high and keep circulating the blood effectively. So, as you eat right and stay active all through the day, you can also take some kind of moderate exercises so that you will be able to burn your fat more and lose all your unwanted flab.

Whenever you combine your active lifestyle with an exercise programme, you improve your metabolism and gain more energy at the expense of your fat that is otherwise can cause unsolicited complications. As you exercise, you keep your body metabolism consistent and be able to derive necessary energy to meet your daily requirement and you also stand a chance to stay healthy and fit. Further, the effect of any exercise will stay long in your body and your fat will also keep getting dissolved or expended even after your stopping the exercise.

When it comes to the right type of exercises, many physical trainers favor a good cardiovascular exercise for about 20 to 30 minutes a day in a continuous session and this should be repeated at lest 4 or 5 times in a week. If you are able to do some aerobic exercises also along with your cardiovascular workout, then you will reap twin benefits of flexibility and strong heart. If you desire to build muscle mass then you can take up resistance training by which you can build body mass besides burning more calories from your body.

A well-planned exercise program as enumerated below will see you through a long way in improving your overall health and fitness.

• Warming Up - Undertake light to medium aerobic exercises for about 7 to 8 minutes a day to get your blood flow increased and to warm up your tense joints and tendons.
• Resistance Training - All your major muscle groups need toning up and hence do two sets of resistance training taking 45 minutes rest between the sessions.
• Aerobic Exercise - Choose at least two moderately heavy exercise forms such as rowing, cross country biking, jogging that can match your lifestyle and do one of the activities for at least 10 to 15 minutes followed by other activity for 10 minutes without break. Once both forms of exercises are over, take 5 minutes rest to cool down all your nerves.
• Stretching - it is better you carry out your stretching exercises before and after your regular exercise programmes and you can also take up meditation and relaxing techniques.

Whenever you start any exercise program, you should first have an expectation that is reasonable and realistic. Further, depending on your existing fitness level, you can decide to have results that can match what has been enumerated in the following lines:

• You should start getting better and with increased energy within the first and eighth week.
• Your clothes should start to get a bit looser due to losing of few of your body inches and you can expect this to happen after two months to six months of your starting your exercise programme. You can also start losing fat and increase muscles by this time.
• You will lose weight a little rapid at the end of six months of your exercise programme

Have a firm conviction to continue with your committed daily exercise programme and never stop even after few weeks. Change your eating habits and choose your diet accordingly. Start counting your calorie intake and watch all the foods and nutrients that goes into your system and if you feel difficult to keep track of what has been said, a ready made schedule is given below for your ready and immediate use.

• Break your regular meals into many small ones, preferably four small meals and you can also snack twice lightly in-between.
• Try to make all your meals well balanced and note to incorporate proteins like meat, fish, dairy products and egg-white and the thumb rule here is that you should choose a size of all these items that can fit in your palm and nothing more than that. Consume complex carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes, multigrain cereal, whole wheat and fresh vegetables and fruits and the portions should not get more than what your fist could hold.
• Your intake of fat should only suffice so as to add flavor to your meal or snack
• Your minimum intake of water should be in the range of 8 to 10 big glasses in a day and never count your juice intake in this.
• Your balanced diet will provide all the required vitamins and minerals, however, it is advised that you can take additional multivitamin supplements so as to offset any possible shortfall.

What you have seen is a recipe for a better healthy life and once you follow them with true spirit, you yourself can appreciate them in a long run.

You deserve to enjoy your life to its fullest extent. Why wait, you can start off immediately!

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