How to be a Leader and Make things Work for You

Often you will find yourself in a tight spot, be it in your office or home, and get disappointed due to situations that doesn’t happen the way you want them to happen. You may see hectic activity around you but still there may not be any worthwhile progress happening so as to see yourself near your goal and such a situation may also make you desperate to look for some viable solution to make things happen in your favor.

You can see many people who are just content and feel happy at executing others’ orders and never seem to possess any leadership qualities at all. But your mentality is not to follow a leader but to become a leader by yourself and you may also want only to lead the rest of the pack. If you have any feeling that just matches what has been said above, then you are a natural leader and it is possible to be successful in all your endeavors.

There are also people who consider leaders are made and not born. Though the assumptions may be true but only to the extent of accepting that people are born with natural talents. However, without inclination or without drive or experience or without enthusiasm or without practicing or putting the talents to use it will be difficult for a person to become a great leader and get successful.

As a leader you should constantly fine-tune your expertise on an ongoing basis through various studies and work without which your natural skills will get benumbed and can no longer help you in your leadership pursuit. You should stay committed to improve your skills and knowledge constantly so as to remain at the helm without any break.

Understand What is Leadership?

Leadership, explained simply, is the ability to influence others to get your goal accomplished. Leader is also a person who contributes to welfare of the company where he/she works and is willing to take up responsibilities voluntarily.

At the first instance, if you have any mistaken notion that leadership represents power, then remove that wrong notion altogether without any trace. Leadership is not for harassing people or workers and it doesn’t represent any arm twisting tactics too. Leader is a person who would encourage everyone, especially the members of his team, with an eye on achieving the corporate goal set before him. To become a good leader you must first know how to oblige and understand others’ mental makeup.

Make people Follow You

If you could make others respect and follow you then half of your success is achieved. But how to make others fall in line with your objectives and get the job done? To accomplish this you must first make the people understand the purpose clearly and automatically people will start following you once they know what you are headed to. A good example to quote here is the bumper sticker that you would have seen on the vehicle in front of you. It reads “ Do Not Follow Me, I am also Lost like You” and the sentence holds the very crux of leadership. First get to know where you are headed to and be clear in your goal and the ways and means to achieve it. When you yourself is not clear, you may not be able to lead and you may get lost in the melee.

If you are working for an organization, then understand your organization’s vision without any ambiguity. Understand the hierarchy or the power structure in clear terms and know your boss or bosses as well. Know to whom you should talk to, to whom you can order or whose orders you should listen to. Understand the working culture of the organization and express your concern and interests in your organization’s goals and achievements.

Leadership is all about what you are and what you do and certainly not what or how you make others to do. Your subordinates will look to you for guidance and to fulfil their needs you should first know what is what. A good leader will make his/her subordinates to have full faith and confidence on him/her and only this trust will make them work tirelessly and prove to be a driving force. And when it comes to building such trust and confidence in the minds of your subordinates, you should trust them first, have high ethics and a good relationship.

All your good relationship and your understanding behaviour will form a very strong foundation over which you can happily build a strong and dedicated group and march forward to achieve al the set goals effortlessly. The more your trustworthiness, the more will be the cooperation from your group members.

A good leader will be very effective in his/her communication, and as a leader you should first develop all the good communication abilities so as to converse with your group members without any reservation. Further, in order to have an effective communication, you should have strong knowledge base on what you handle or work and you should technically competent to guide and lead the group members.

The next important trait of a good leader is the judgement. Unless you have a good judgement, you cannot shine as a leader at all, and it is very important for you to learn to assess the situation correctly and ably under all circumstances. Weigh all the available options and arrive at the right combination so as to get the job completed with least risks and energy. Further, your judgement abilities will also make your subordinates to come to you for advice and guidance, and this is nothing but another milestone in your leadership journey.

As a leader you need not do everything all by yourself. In fact, a leader will never do that. Though you know all the intricacies of the job, you should not get directly involved in the process, but get them done by your group members and play only a supportive role. Make use of your fellow colleagues’ expertise and skills and by this way you instill a confidence in them that they are being recognized and that feeling in turn will bring in more loyalty and good work to you. And finally what you can have is a very dedicated, skillful and hard working team with which you can achieve anything under the sun.

To become a leader, you need to work tirelessly and should never have any complacence at all at any point of time. You cannot become a leader overnight, as any overnight success will take at least 15 years. Leadership is not just about you only, but it is without you precisely, meaning that your leadership qualities will be known only from others’ behaviour.

If you have a burning desire to become a trusted leader, then come out of your comfort zone and get ready to play in a hostile environment. Becoming a leader and continuing to stay as a leader is really a wonderful experience. Be a leader and enjoy life!

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