How Long can You Prolong Without Improving Yourself

Not even a single day you would have spent without the thought of “I wish I was that person or I wish I had this Opportunity.” When your insecurity, your incompetence and other doubts stare you at your face point blank, you would have harbored the above thoughts without fail.

Often you will also keep comparing yourself with other person who is supposedly a successful person, but in reality what you may think of other person may turn out to be totally wrong and it is also highly possible that your hero might also feel the same way as you do or did.

If you come across a beautiful young lady sipping her juice in solitude in a restaurant, you might think that the young woman is very charming and has got all the God’s gifts. You may also go a step further and imagine that the young lady is so cool and composed and would have never met any difficulties at all in her life. But, believe me that what you perceive or witness may be misleading and if you have the ability to read her mind you will get surprised that she is no better than you and at least when it comes to wondering at others and others’ fortunes.

Though you find her to be calm and composed, internally she might be agitated and engrossed in her own perplexing thoughts and it also possible for her to keep wondering at her own beauty as there are no persons who would come forward to say she is beautiful. She may also find her sleek legs unattractive and start cursing God for having given her a least amount of beauty.

It is also highly possible for you to look at a young business entrepreneur and exclaim “What a great personality, he achieved success at such a young age.” But in reality, you may not understand the thought process that is presently engaging the particular businessman and there is every likelihood that the same businessman might think of you and wonder at your happy disposition and your carefree life with ample time to pursue your interests. The businessman might also wish that he were like you and start hoping for things to happen in his way.

Just sit in a quiet place and analyze the situation. You will find that everything is funny and contradicting. Yes, Isn’t it funny to look at a supposedly perfect man and wonder at his physical attributes, his successes and wish to exchange your place with the other person, but what you do not know is that the other person also feels the same about you and yearn for trading his place with you. In this wide world no body is perfect and if you start developing such attitudes, then you may probably end nowhere and be there where you are and spend rest of your life with just wondering at other people.

There are also occasions wherein you may sit and keep wondering why people stay away from and you may not recognize that it was due to your bad habits such as biting your nails or keep shaking your legs even to the extent of hitting other person sitting by your side or due to your bad mouth odor. If you have any of the aforesaid habits they are seldom identifiable by your own self and hence it is better to talk to your best friend and find out the reason.

There may also be one more reason for people going away from you and this could be due to your uncontrollable tongue and with this loose talk or your high talkative nature, you may also start driving people away from you forever.

If this plagues you, then it is time you talked to one of your trusted friends and listened to his/her advice. Put forward to your friend all your questions such as “am I talking loud?”, “am I rude or ill-mannered?”, “do I argue unnecessarily?”, “do people dread my presence?” and “does my mouth emanate bad odor?”. By seeking a genuine answer from your friend you can judge yourself and make necessary efforts to get yourself changed for better.

This is one of your major self-improvement methods and once you make your mind to change for good, then you should not listen to criticisms until you come out of your dark areas successfully. Keep your heart and mind open so as to look at all comments and criticisms as stepping stones for your own self-improvement and similarly you should also extend your constructive criticisms to your friends too if you are approached.

You can even derive the meaning of your life from one of Whitney Houston’s songs that reiterates loving your self as the greatest love of all. Unless you begin to love your own self, you will not be able to express your love towards others effectively, as you can give only what you have.

Self-improvement makes you a better person and only when you try and use various self-improvement methods, will you be able to inspire others and persons will start looking at you for guidance.

You are not a mean or inferior person and if you have any reservation against your own abilities, first shed all those inferior thoughts and never harbor any thoughts on the “if only” lines such as “if I only was rich.” and so on. The very first step in your self-improvement is accepting what you are and beginning to love your own self. Never compare yourself with others, as every one in this world is unique in one way or other and note to start developing self-esteem.

Nobody is perfect in this world and every other person will wish that they had better things, better features, better spouse, better house, better job, etc. No person is really happy about his/her present status and this is because people fail to realize to love themselves first in order to gain self-improvement. Accept what you are today and similarly never demean others. Self-improvement and loving yourself are virtues and this can lead to contentment and happiness in your life.

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