It is Time you Got Your Time Management Skills Set Correctly

The popular Pareto Principle or the famous 80-20 rule reiterates that nearly 80 percent of efforts without any time management concepts applied can produce only 20 percent of expected results, where as 20 percent of efforts with all perfect time management techniques applied can produce a whopping 80 percent of the expected results. Though the mentioned 80:20 ratio may not be a realistic one, the idea here is to emphasize on the time management principles that could produce more than the expected results with minimum efforts.

If you have any misconceptions that time management is nothing but a set of rules that may involve a series of instructions as how to allot your time for every job or how to arrange or rearrange your jobs on hand, etc., then it is time you changed your opinion about time management totally. Though the few above-mentioned points do form a part of the basic time management, you should understand and learn all the other intricacies of time management so as to make use of it to your best advantage. As you learn and become adept at various basic time management skills, you can fine-tune your skills by learning more skillful techniques and finer points of time management so as to reap the fullest benefits from it.

Contrary to the minimum number of core basic techniques in any time management, the advanced or the higher level time management techniques are really great in numbers and you need to develop skills such as decision making, critical thinking, use of your inherent abilities, and use your EQ or the emotional intelligence so as to get a peak personal growth.

In any personal time management, all your activities are placed on an equal plane and none of your jobs are considered as big or small. All tasks that you have on your hand does matter and you have to take into account every advice you receive, every new skill you acquire and every additional knowledge you get.

The very fundamental result that you would aim for from your personal time management is your well-balanced life-style, nothing more or nothing less and this fundamental truth is being ignored even by many professional time management gurus when they deliver their expertise to their prospective clients.

Now get ready to take a timed tour to know more about time management.

• Time management never expects you to keep busy, but makes you to get intended results fast and easy.

• With time management under you hood, you can expect to get your physical, social, intellectual, emotional, career and spiritual prospects or skills improved much better

Here in this context,

Having a healthy body represents your physical prospects,
Your mental abilities and growth represents your intellectual prospects,
Better relationship and a meaningful contribution to the society represents your social skills,
Your improved work, be it in your school or your office, represents your career prospects,
Your desired or appropriate feeling for the situation represents your emotional aspect, and
Your quest for understanding the meaning for your existence represents your spiritual aspect.

• When it comes to time management, it may not be possible for you to prepare a set of to-do list and carry out things in an orderly fashion, but with time management you can aim at improving your perception about the jobs or tasks on hand and learn to allot your appropriate and necessary attention up to the extent that is needed by the task. Each and every aspect of your life needs to be addressed the way in which it has to be addressed and the time management will make you to get that special kind of skills so as to proceed in your life unhindered.

• Personal time management will expect you to have a reasonable and sensible approach while aiming to solve your problems at hand, be it big or small.

There are many ways with which you can get your time management skills improved and few of them are enumerated below for your ready use.

• Review your short-tem and long-term goals periodically and note to alter your strategies if needed.

• Always keep a list of your goals handy and if possible your accomplishments too.

• Amongst the tasks on hand, learn to prioritize them and wean out those tasks that you find unnecessary for your balanced life.

• In this world, everything including your life has to follow the nature’s rule of a high and a low in its time. Hence develop an insight to identify your peaks and pits so as to tide over your difficult times with ease.

• The best ever lesson that you could learn in your lifetime is to say no when you want to say a no. In other words, “never say yes when you want to say no”. This advice is the best time saver besides saving you from many unpleasant situations.

• Whenever you achieve a milestone, be it small or big, learn to pat yourself or present yourself with a reward and this can further help you to fine-tune your time management skills.

• Voluntarily seek and get cooperation from others and this act could help you to achieve your task easy and at the same time help others to get benefited out of it.

• Procrastination is a worst enemy and never ever keep it with you. Try to dispose off things as and when required and never accumulate tasks.

• Developing positive attitude is really a blessing to get success, but in your act of getting positive in all your acts, note to be realistic in formulating your goals.

• Jot down all your activities and maintain a perfect record of events for you to see and review things. By just going through what has happened previously, you can develop greater insight and understand situations better than ever.

Just follow these handful of advises and you can certainly see your life taking a positive turn towards achieving success. Further, personal time management is an art and at the same time it is a science too, and once you know this scientific art you are bound to be successful in your life.

Once you start integrating the various tools of time management, you will see several gates of options and opportunities opening up for you and you can really drive your way through a wide road devoid of any obstacles.

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