How to Unlock Your Hidden Self-Improvement Potential

Whenever you visit any art exhibition you may initially get surprised at people making comments about a piece of art, but when you take a closer look at it you may not find any thing nice or other noteworthy features at all. But, when you stay a step behind and watch the same art, you will suddenly start seeing very great details that were not hitherto noticeable or visible to you and you will also start appreciating the art now.

Similar to your experience you have had in the art gallery, in your life also there are so many innate powers that just stay below your nose only for you to identify them and use them for your betterment. Until you identify such of your inborn qualities, you may keep wondering at many of your life’s situations with awe and feel helpless. However, only when you are pushed to limits, shall you make your mind to ardently search for solutions and qualities to wriggle out of your problems and one such quality that could save you from many of your daily problems is your power of self-improvement.

For instance, take into account the frog principle. Whenever a frog is placed on boiling water the frog will immediately jump out, as it could not immediately bear the intense heat. However, if the same frog is kept in luke warm water and once the water is heated steadily to reach boiling point, the frog may not tend to jump, but instead stay in water and die out of heat.

Why this happens or why does the frog prefers to stay back to die despite the heat? The possible answer could be that the frog when left in luke warm water doesn’t initially feel the heat and as and when the temperature kept increasing it would have tried to get accommodated to the heat and eventually when the heat became unbearable the frog dies.

Most of us are like the second frog today and we do not make attempts to come out of any of the unpleasant situation immediately. Today, you may come to know that the person A dislikes you but you may ignore to ascertain the reasons or get yourself changed to become more amicable person. This attitude will make more persons to start disliking you and when you decide to do something about it would have been too late for you to refine yourself.

You have been programmed by your surroundings and your brought up style to seek for solutions only when you experience pain and only when you start seeing warning signs will you start looking for escape routes. To make things more clear, imagine when will you look for ways and means to change your diet? Is it not only when you find you jean or shirt becomes a misfit? Similarly you stop eating excess candies only when you get tooth cavities or start exercising only when you get diagnosed for diabetes or stop smoking only when you start coughing uncontrollably or start praying to God only at the time of your death.

You set your eyes on looking and learning for self-improvement only when the whole world tears apart and begin to fall on your head. And this attitude is mainly because you always think that change is painful and not easy but in reality your act of not changing alone is more painful than the most untoward incidents itself.

Change is the universal rule and whether you like it or not it will happen. Similarly, you will also witness many turning points in your life and eventually have to unlock and make use of your self-improvement power at one point of time for your own good.

People who decide to be happy forever welcome change and they embrace it wholeheartedly. Though you are supposed to be happy for what you are, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should continue to be so because such thinking will cage you in and you may never ever feel the necessity to explore your self-improvement at all. However, in order to explore and tap your self-improvement power, you needn’t go that extra mile and once you see your self-improvement working you will see tremendous development in your life.

As a student you would have been taught with many lessons of life and it could have been also possible for you to develop some misconceptions such as fear of crowd. Over a period of time you also start staying away from crowd and your parents, teachers and friends might also start associating you with your quality of staying away from crowd. And this eventually may make you to stay away from any crowd, be it your birthday party or a family get together as you have believed in your misconception and you may start living in your belief forever.

Under such circumstance, it should be your endeavor to break the chains and inform people or show the world that you are an important person and you need to be treated the way you want.

Self-improvement may not become your favorite word or world until you start seeing things with a different viewpoint and you will certainly turn a new leaf in your life. A weekly session in your gym in the place of meaningless nap during evening or reading a book in the place of aimless browsing the Internet, all these can improve your life qualitatively. Similarly, do not get tied down in your office for ever, instead take an outing with your friends and explore the outer world that is full of nature’s bounty for you to enjoy. Once you decide to unlock your self-improvement power, you will start living your life really happy and contented.

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