Happiness Lies in the Minds of Beholder

In your life you would have heard the words “be happy, don’t worry” really countless number of times, as it is the prime concern for you and I to be happy always and under all circumstances. You might also have listened to the popular hit song 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' by Bobby McFerrin and the main theme of this song is to tell everyone to be happy.

Living your life without any worries is really a nice thing and when you are able to add few good qualities like resilience and optimism, then there is nothing in this world that you can compare with your peaceful life. In fact, your happy disposition can save you from many stress-related ailments such as stroke or cancer or heart disease.

Your life is subject to many changes at various levels and the only thing that stays same is the change itself. However, again subject to change, you have the power to alter things the way you want. For example, during any of your tribulations, you always have a chance to seek for solace so as to get your turbulent times lightened and this way you can change any difficult situation in your favor.

In order to attain happiness in your public life, you need to associate yourself in society without which you have no value as an individual. In a society try to accept people for what they are so as to avoid any possible arguments, resentments and clashes that stand as a starting point for any restlessness. In any of the unavoidable argumentative situation, you should try to put your best understanding forward and avoid any conflicts.

You can find happiness in almost all people, and you and I are no exceptions. The true happiness lies in identifying it in you and sustaining it to a maximum extent possible. A true happy life is your life’s goal in actual terms and in order to achieve it you needn’t turn many stones in your way.

You can be ever happy by simply being happy, yes that is the simple yet complicated lesson you should learn to be happy in your life. The great American President Abraham Lincoln once observed that it is in your hands or rather in your mind to choose to be happy or not, relaxed or tensed and troubled or content; and to express the idea in simple terms, it is nothing but that you should choose to be happy.

Read Happily these ways to be Happy

Develop Gratitude – It is wonderful to develop a grateful attitude, as gratitude is a state of mind that confer satisfaction and happiness to you. You need not search for big things to show your gratitude, as there are umpteen number of occasions wherein you can show your great gratitude attitude such as thanking the taxi driver after dropping you in your place or tipping the waiter sumptuously who has given you your relishing dish or even hugging the cleaner who cleaned your doors and windows.

If you so wish you can even start thanking people for all occasions such the mailman after delivering your letters, the traffic policeman who assisted you in your turning, etc. And once you are into it you will find each and every occasion gives you a chance to thank the other person to show your gratitude.

Information that Cause Stress - Today, the main cause of stress is the news that you read or the information you gather. For instance, if you analyze the news you have heard or read in today’s newspaper, a majority of them would be about accidents, quarrels, etc., that indirectly derail your comfort levels and put you under stress. So choose only the information you need and you can stay happy or rather not stay unhappy.

A religious outlook is no Harm - It is a well established fact that people who get engaged themselves in religious acts such as group singing, chanting prayers, sacraments, meditations, etc., foster inner peace and seldom feel unhappy.

Effective Time Management - Time is the only asset that will never wait for anyone. Time is the most invaluable and important tool which when wasted will make you to repent in future. Learn the act or the art of time management and once you know how to manage your priorities, schedules, your goals, etc., you are already on the path that will lead you to perpetual happiness. At the first instance understand the very core of time management and soon you will see all other things falling in their respective places to make your time management act easy and comfortable.

Laugh your Unhappiness Out - Hope you would have heard the adage “Laughter is the best medicine”. There is no other alternative to a good joke that can make people laugh and you can try to bring out any funny side of whatever you do in your daily life so as to make the situation interesting and funny.

Do not Lock Your Feelings - Your happy moments, affections and other feelings are meant to be shared and not to be held very close to your heart. Once you share your heart warning moments with others, there is a likelihood of others also sharing their lighter moments with you and in the process you can shed many of your frustrations and other ill-feelings so as to project a better health. In the act of expressing your feelings to others, do not do the mistake of sharing your anger so as to avoid any possible heartburn in others.

Put your Heart and Mind in your Work - Putting your heart and soul in your work is a sure way to live your life fully and moment by moment. Engaging yourself in good work will certainly benefit you and once you accomplish any of the difficult tasks then the happy mindset that you experience can never match anything in this ephemeral world. Choose a right job and do it wholeheartedly and you are sure to find yourself worthy of your times.

Resort to some Exercise Forms - Exercise is a sure way to keep your mind and body healthy and stress-free. If you are new to exercises, then learn few simple exercises initially and you can expand your exercise horizon later for reaping better benefits. There are simple yet powerful exercises such as running or jogging and once you are into practicing it you can feel alive and refreshed instantaneously.

Avoid Negative Elements –
In today’s environment there are many negative elements such as loud noise, pollution, dust, toxins, etc., that can rob you of your health and peace. As far as possible try to avoid your exposure to such negative elements and you can find yourself in good health after a reasonable period of time.

Again the quote "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be" by Abraham Lincoln is worth your consideration if you choose to be happy forever in your life.

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