How to Map Your Mind and Find Your Route to Success

Success need not necessarily be your economic status or your academic degrees or your position in society. Success is beyond these things and the degree also varies from person to person and from country to country. How do you gain success in your life? Is it possible to read your mind map and find out the exact route to success? Yes, this article is aimed at doing things exactly the way you wanted it.

You will accept without any second opinion that success is a journey and you need to start from a starting point and to reach your destination you have to travel through the designated route with all your supplies and reach the destination safely and for surely. Further, in order not to get lost in your way, you also need to know the route, landmarks and use a vehicle that would take you to the place without any breakdown. Now let us discuss how all these points are also relevant in your life’s journey to success.

Starting Point

When you hold a map in your hand you will first try to locate your present place and then start tracing your route to your destination. The starting point in your success journey is your present position and you need to assess all your potentials, knowledge, available opportunities, culture, economic status, etc., to gain an insight about your own self. Further, you also need to take into account your traits, beliefs, your strengths, weaknesses, skills, etc., and decide how motivated you are to take up the journey of your interest so as to get success in your life. Here your choice should have also a purpose without which your ambition may not have any meaning at all.

Decide Your Destination

At the first instance decide and form a vision as to what you want to achieve after a given period of time or what you would like to be after a certain period in your life. Develop a clear idea about your vision and then look for necessary things that would facilitate your journey to the desired destination. Understand your intrinsic values and choose the vocation or avocation accordingly. For instance, if you would like to serve your society, then you can choose to become a doctor and render a yeoman service to your fellow human beings.

Mode of Transport

As you know that for any journey a good vehicle is a must and in your life’s journey your self-assessment, your attitudes, your skills, etc., all serve the purpose of a vehicle. Further, in order to reach the destination without any hiccups, you need to check the running condition of the vehicle. Similarly, in order to make you to reach the success destination of your vision, you need to check all your attitudes, your habits, your physical and emotional strengths, your values, etc., so as to ensure that the same is sufficiently enough to take up the travel. If you find any shortfall in any of the attributes, then you should make necessary arrangements to make good the shortfall so that you will not run out of any of these attributes in the midst of your journey.

Your Supplies

As in any journey, you need supplies for your selected journey to success. Whenever you go on a tour you pack your travel bag with all the necessary items such as food, water, medicines, etc., and similar to this get your travel bag ready even for your life’s journey too.

Here the supplies will be in the form of determination, attitudes, skills, knowledge, mind-body strength, etc. Analyze and assess every requirement and make good any shortfall. For instance, in your journey to become a doctor, you need to gain a professional knowledge in medicines and hence you should work towards that without any let up.

Landmarks and Route

As you keep driving to reach your destination, you will always keep a watch on all landmarks so as to ensure that you are travelling in a right path without getting lost. Similar to this in your life’s success journey too you should know the route and have to look for landmarks and other possible signs to ensure that you are not lost and are heading in the right direction only.

Consider these landmarks as a measure to decide your success rate. For example, in order to become a doctor by the age of 27 years you should be able to complete a biology degree within your 21 years of age and this will be the first landmark for you to get admitted in a medical college. Hence, on similar lines, get your landmarks identified for your chosen success destination and ascertain on an ongoing basis that you are indeed traveling in the right path and that too at a desired speed.

Anticipate Difficulties

In your ordinary journey, you may come across many pot holes, bad roads, many unwanted diversions, etc., that could delay your reaching your destination, but you should always provide for such unanticipated troubles in midway and once you provide for it sufficiently, you can reach your destination intact and well in time.

Similar to this in your life’s journey too, you need to provide for many unanticipated untoward incidents that may hinder your growth or journey. For instance, if you fall ill, you may miss one of your semester examinations and in such an unlikely event your getting the medical degree may get extended for another 6 months.

Make a cautious approach so as to make your life’s journey comfortable as far as possible. Once you know how to expect and act or react, then most of the untoward incidents may not surprise you at all.

You are born to live, and let you live your life successfully!

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