How to Betterment Your Intuition and Interpret it Precisely

Have you ever experienced precognition? Precognition is a type of forethought or foreknowledge that comes to your mind as a flash and soon you will see the same flash unfolding in action before your eyes.

Few people say such type of “flash happenings” as intuition, and with whatever the name you may call it, such intuitions keep happening in many lives regularly. Further, this intuition is also considered as ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) and normally experienced as a Perception (Clairvoyance) or Sensing or Feeling.

Clairvoyance can also be considered as your third eye with which you can see things that are normally not visible to your two physical eyes. Sometimes you may also be able to see things that might happen or happening at a distance irrespective of the dividing distance from you and the actual scene.

With regard to Sensing, you can even try to call it as "hunch" or "gut feel". You normally used to say, “I anticipated this!” whenever you have a hunch and see the same happening before you.

On the other hand, Feeling is a type of intuition where you will be able to read or feel the hidden aspects through listening and it may be in the range of birds’ chirping or a car’s horn.

Your world has got many numbers of such people with this rare gift of intuition and famous Astrologers claim that persons born under the Scorpio or Pisces signs are bound to get such type of intuitive powers developed in their life. However, the latest science advancement claim that it is possible for any person to develop the coveted ESP with concerted efforts and practice.

There are still few questions that make its rounds and they are such as what is the purpose of developing such intuition or does is refer to your psychological state of mind. However, brushing aside any of the negative attitudes, you can positively think about intuition as a road for better communication and an opportunity to understand people around you better.

Further intuition can also make you clever and creative and if you are so willing you can use your intuition power as a healing technique, be it on you or on other people. It is also true that many people use their intuitive power to set in a healing process deep in the minds of the people by duly driving the negative energy out of the system.

Irrespective of whatever said and done, there are many people who are genuinely interested in understanding and learning to develop their intuitive powers for their own betterment. For having read thus far, if you are really interested in knowing the ways and means that could unlock your hidden intuitive powers, then read on.

1. Self Hypnosis

Once you hear the word hypnosis, never jump to conclusion that it is like watching a plate with circles painted on it or a moving pendulum. Hypnosis is actually a self-improvement program and you can learn and practice self-hypnosis, which will certainly help you to identify and develop your intuitive powers lying deep in your mind.

2. Perform Meditation

Meditation is for manifesting the peace within you. In your life lived so far, your mind has been cluttered with many unwanted things and only because of these clutter, the mental peace do not find a place to stay in your mind. Meditation is a process that will make you to dispose this clutter and make way for the peace to enter and settle permanently in your mind. And again in a mind that is in peace, intuition will automatically blossom without your knowledge and guide you in all your endeavors. For meditation you can take up yoga or simple practice few breathing exercises such as pranayama or directly head towards a Zenmaster.

3. Practice Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking has been stressed and explained in detail in almost every nook and corner of your place. The beneficial secret of positive thinking lies in its ability to attract good energy and this good energy in turn will kindle the intuitive power to manifest for you to cognize things in advance.

4. Shed Inhibitions

Inhibition, in fact, deters your expansion and any absence of expansion is considered as death. Inhibitions will not allow you to take right decisions and in the event of your developing inhibitions on few important circumstances, retract yourself to a quiet place and let go yourself. Just flow towards your mind without any inhibitions and soon you will be able to strike at some hitherto unknown and novel ideas or solutions to solve your nagging problems. Listen to the voice that emanates from within you and this will guide you in proper direction.

5. Stop Expecting

You feel distressed when things fail to happen the way you want them to happen. In other words, whenever you apply your expectations on things that have got its specific characteristics, you develop unhappiness when such things do not fulfil your requirements. Hence never expect things to happen the way you want, but instead give things a time and soon you will be able to find that your hunch feeling helping your way out of the problem and it may be your renewed liking for the product or identifying a yet another thing that suits your taste.

6. Stick to Your First Impression

Many times the first impression that you develop or get on seeing a person or a thing seems to be perfect or more realistic. However, you should never jump to sticking to your first ever impression permanently, but give it a chance and you can also preserve those information in your sub-conscious mind for any further processing in future. In fact, the first impression is nothing but the outcome of your intuition and you can process it accordingly.

7. Maintain a Happy Disposition

Happiness is your state of mind and you can either choose to be happy or choose not to be happy. Yes, you get happiness by choice. Happiness is also considered as an intuitive state that will result in contentment and motivation. Try to tap such intuitive power of happiness and soon you will become more intuitive and successful.

Intuition is very powerful and at times it has brought out many of the hidden potentials of people surprisingly. With intuition you can also achieve hitherto many unachieved difficult tasks and once you get to know your intuitive powers then nothing can stop your attaining greater heights of success.

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