How to Find the Right Switch to Turn On you Creativity

You have been conditioned to believe that there are only very few creative people and in order to be creative you have to be born with it. But in reality it is not so as creativity is also a talent that could be developed and the same creativity could also be compared with any of your muscles, which you at your will can improve by resorting to exercise.

Again since creativity is considered as a talent, unless you put it into practice and use, you are also bound to lose it over a period of time. Once you start thinking and acting creatively, you can unleash the real power of your creativity at your will and that too in a flash.

How to unleash your power of creativity could be the possible question that you would be brooding over by now. Well, to achieve this, you should try to turn into a human leech. However, the idea here is not to bleed other person or suck others’ knowledge but you should be in a position to derive a maximum knowledge from situations you are in and from persons you meet.

Develop a habit of reading, both trash and beneficial, and keep an open mind frame so as to grab or imbibe information as it is and without subjecting the information to your prejudice. The more you know, the better you will become intellectually and this will add more colors to your life, which was otherwise a black and white film.

Choose the option of becoming creative everyday and note to undertake at least one creative activity in a day. In your creative activity, do not allow anybody or anything to interfere and spoil the whole act. Creative people sometimes use very novel methods such as mindlessness to unleash their creative ideas, but as a beginner, you can try to bring in the novelty or adventure feature to unlock your creativity potential and once you get to become more creative, you can try other novel methods as mentioned above. For instance, you can dig out your old camera and start shooting pictures of your interest and who knows, you may even come out to be a winner in any of creative photographic contest.

Sometimes, you can even sit before your computer and start writing your own biography or a book on “how to rear rabbits?” A yet another novel method to tap your creativity is to sit and look for things or incidences that satisfied all your five senses and making a note about it for others to read and enjoy. As far as possible avoid abstract things such as delicious, amazing, etc., and once you build to some level you may even get surprised at your work level. There is also a chance for you to develop a liking for what you are doing under the pretext of creativity and soon you may find yourself succeeding enormously to get you to fame and fortune.

Try to follow the undermentioned creative exercises so as to unleash your latent creative power.

Out of Box Thinking - Think out of the box meaning that you should strive to think laterally or in a direction that is abnormal or obstinate. Sometimes, you may strike at a very conducive solution for your problems and sometimes you may also find your constraint to be an opportunity for showing your excellence. Working within your limitations may train you to get success in constraints and you will turn out to be more resourceful. Though you are free to use creativity at your will, using it with constraints will make you more disciplined and orderly.

Try New Alternatives Daily – Trying new things in your daily life will bring in novelty and variety. New perspectives will always make you to broaden your knowledge base and as you keep broadening your knowledge, you tend to become more successful in your life. For instance, try to explore new places in your neighborhood or pay a visit to the museum where you can have a chance to see a new specimen.

Start up a chat with the fellow passenger in your bus travel and open up to your surroundings including to the people. Come out of your usual comfort zone and explore your world. All these will bring you close to many interesting things that were not known to you henceforth and you can see your knowledge getting improved better than ever.

Each day your sense of adventure will keep your interests alive and you will start living your life afresh and develop a well being at your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. For a change try bungee jumping or give a try to hang gliding. And what you can reap is a whole lot of adventurous experience that you will love to share with others and in the process you will also start developing a good relationship that can make your life still better.

Practice Insanity - Yes, certain level of insanity is a kind of creativity but the level should not be the one that will make you to get admitted in a mental asylum. According to John Russell, "Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting." It is true that many of the creative thoughts were once considered as “insane” by majority of "normal" people and but for the undeterred enthusiasm exhibited by those insane people, you and I would not have had all our present day gadgets and inventions that make out life convenient.

Normal people restrict their thinking within certain imaginary limits where as the abnormal or the creative people doesn’t restrict theirs and never accept to get bound by boundaries. When there is no harm in imagining few abnormal or insane ideas, you will be breaking certain barriers and that will be the first step to get creative and achieve greatness in life. However, you should never mistake the idea of harboring impossible ideas to a stage where it will make you to be considered as insane totally and land you up in a mental hospital.

You should never cross the limits similar to a King who used to go to the battle field naked, or James Joyce, who due to his fear of ink wrote his famous book "Dubliners" with beetle juice or the very great scientist Albert Einstein, who considered his cat to be a spy. Get your creativity ride smooth with your world’s reality and once you ensure this, you will automatically become creative and surprise the rest of the world.

Crossing your “limits” at least in your thinking is in fact the first step in your journey to become creative. If you often get bored with the life you have or the way you live your life, then creativity is the only solution for you to explore al the hidden secrets of life.

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